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Our maritime negligence attorneys in Palm Springs, FL, have extensive experience handling legal disputes cruise lines, sailboats, recreational watercraft such as jet skis, as well as wave craft, yachts and boats. Most media agencies devote significant coverage to major maritime catastrophes and disasters, such as the Stockholm and Andrea Doria catastrophes, as well as the Ecstasy and Titanic cruise lines disasters.

While maritime catastrophes are not uncommon, their occurrence has increased tremendously in recent years. Miami is frequently referred to as the “cruise capital of the world” due to its central location for a large number of cruise line operators. The Miami location of Silva & Silva helps our attorneys and investigators to get information and resolve conflicts more quickly for our clients.

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We have an in-depth grasp of critical admiralty/maritime regulations and extensive expertise resolving maritime-related matters. Maritime travel necessitates the employment of many contracts, the most critical of which are the Contracts of Carriage and Timetables for Travel, both of which are drafted by cruise line attorneys. Throughout the court selection process, these documents typically contain language directed towards passengers or plaintiffs.

This method typically benefits them if the shipping corporations provide locations and procedures for resolving these issues. Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of marine negligence cases. We can assist you in a variety of marine catastrophe scenarios, conducting an extensive investigation and assisting you in validating your claims.

Proven Attorneys For Maritime Negligence In Palm Springs, FL

Attorneys with expertise addressing marine accidents and an understanding of these restrictions can assist clients who have been injured or have lost family in the catastrophe. A cruise ship accident can occur at sea, on shore, in the air, or when the ship approaches or departs from a port. Whatever the conditions, these tragedies raise a host of legal issues ranging from contract law to product responsibility to legal systems, especially maritime law.

We are devoted to obtaining just reimbursement for our clients. Our knowledge in this area is unmatched, and we have a thorough grasp of how court systems function in certain situations. Consultation with one of our skilled maritime negligence attorneys may be beneficial in your scenario. To provide effective legal representation, we take the time getting to know our clients and the specifics of their circumstances.


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