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Our maritime negligence attorneys in North Miami Beach, Florida, have extensive experience settling cases involving cruise liners, yachts, leisure watercraft like jet skis, or even surfboards and boats. The majority of media sources report on big maritime catastrophes and tragedies, like the Stockholm and Andrea Doria disasters and the Ecstasy and Titanic cruise ship disasters.

While maritime disasters are not uncommon, their number has increased significantly in recent years. Miami is regularly alluded to as the “cruise capital of the world,” as it is the primary port for many cruise line operators. The Miami location of Silva & Silva helps our attorneys and investigators to get evidence and settle issues more quickly for our clients.

Legal Experts In Maritime Negligence Accidents

We have an in-depth knowledge of pertinent admiralty/maritime regulations and extensive expertise in addressing maritime-related matters. Maritime travel necessitates the employment of various contracts, the most important of which include Timetables for Travel and standard Contracts of Carriage, both of which are produced by cruise line attorneys. Typically, these documents feature language directed towards passengers or plaintiffs during the court selection process.

This tactic often benefits them if the cruise lines give venues and mechanisms for resolving these disagreements. Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of marine negligence cases. We can assist you in various maritime accident situations, conduct a detailed investigation, and help you in confirming your claims.

Expert Attorneys For Maritime Negligence In North Miami Beach, FL

Attorneys with expertise in marine accidents and an understanding of these limits can assist clients who have suffered injuries or have lost relatives in the disaster. A cruise ship tragedy can occur at sea, onshore, in the air, or even while approaching or departing a port. Regardless of the situation, these tragedies pose a slew of legal questions ranging from contract law to product liability to legal systems, most notably within the context of maritime law.

We are dedicated to securing just remuneration for our clients. Our knowledge in this field is unmatched, and we have an in-depth grasp of how legal systems function in certain situations. Contacting one of our experienced maritime negligence attorneys can be advantageous in your scenario. We spend time getting to know our clients and their cases’ nuances to provide sound legal representation.


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