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Product liability, personal injury, and wrongful death claims involving sailboats, cruise ships, watercraft, and pleasure craft such as wave runners and jet skis are just a few of the types of cases represented by Silva & Silva’s maritime negligence attorneys in Coral Springs, Florida.

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Most media focuses on major maritime accidents or occurrences such as the Stockholm and Andrea Doria, Titanic, and Ecstasy disasters. Although maritime catastrophes are not rare, they have increased in recent years significantly. Miami is the base for many cruise liner companies and is the world’s cruise capital. Our lawyers and investigators can promptly get information and resolve difficulties for our clients due to our convenient location in Miami.

We have a comprehensive understanding of all relevant admiralty/maritime regulations, and our experience with handling cases in this field is extensive. Maritime travel necessitates the use of a range of contracts, including Itineraries for Travel and Contracts of Carriage, which cruise line lawyers prepare. These documents often include language used against the claimants or passengers during the forum selection procedure.

This strategy often works in their favor if the cruise companies define the locations and methods of bringing these claims to court. Additionally, our practice defends clients in Jones Act, Death on the High Seas, and Longshoremen’s Act claims. In simple terms we are here to help with all types of maritime accident cases, investigate them thoroughly and help defend your rights in these matters.

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Maritime travel accident attorneys knowledgeable about these constraints can assist clients who have sustained severe injuries or have lost loved ones. A cruise ship disaster may occur onshore, at sea, in the air, or when the ship approaches or departs from a port. Whatever the case, these catastrophes raise a slew of concerns in the domains of contract law, product responsibility, and comparative law when applied to maritime law.

Consulting with one of our experienced maritime negligence lawyers can help you settle your case promptly and thoroughly. We take the time to get acquainted with each client to ensure they get the best representation possible. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the justice and compensation they deserve.

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