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Maritime Negligence

At Silva & Silva, our maritime negligence attorneys in Coral Gables, FL litigate matters related to product liability, personal injury, and wrongful death involving all types of watercraft, including yachts, cruise ships, boats, and personal watercraft, such as wave runners and jet skis.

Sea Travel Accident Lawyers

Media headlines typically highlight major, catastrophic accidents such as the sinking of the Titanic (1912), the Stockholm and Andrea Doria collision (1956), or the fire that broke out on the cruise ship Ecstasy (1998). However, sea travel accidents are not uncommon, and there is an increasing incidence of these.

Miami boasts of the world’s largest year-round leisure cruise fleet, is home to approximately 20 ships, and is rightfully earned the title – “The Cruise Capital of the World.” Our presence in Miami, in-depth industry knowledge of all the applicable admiralty/maritime laws, and the industry allow our lawyers and investigators to collate information and handle cases for our clients expeditiously.

We know precisely which sea travel documents are required, including Itineraries for Travel and Contracts of Carriage drafted by lawyers representing the cruise liners. Sometimes, these documents contain forum-selection clauses that can be enforced against the victim or passenger.

This tactic proves in the cruise liner’s favor because the operator specifies which geographic locations and courts these suits can be filed. Our law firm in Coral Gables, FL, also handles Death on the High Seas Act and the Longshoremen’s Act, Jones Act, claims.

How Skilled Maritime Negligence Attorneys In Coral Gables, FL Can Help

Claims involving significant injury or death would benefit from the expert advice of a sea travel accident attorney with experience in these particular laws. Injuries suffered while on a cruise tour or other cruise ship injuries can occur at sea, in the air, on land, or while traveling to and from a port. Regardless of the circumstance, these injuries present several maritime law complexities and issues involving contract law, products liability, and comparative law.

If you consult our qualified maritime negligence attorneys in Coral Gables, FL, you can benefit from our quick early case handling, investigation, and detailed documentation. We work closely with our clients and do our best to ensure they get the best legal representation possible.


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