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Construction-related accidents are a lot more common than you might think. On-site accidents like these can injure workers or people visiting. In some instances, it can also result in death. At Silva & Silva, our team of construction accident attorneys in Palm Springs, FL, have successfully tackled many cases in this particular field.

Construction Site Safety Provisions

All construction companies must have their sites thoroughly inspected by professionals. They must implement safety programs, ensure all workers are well-trained, and hire on-site safety engineers. In case an accident occurs at the construction site, the owners, developer firm, subcontractors, engineering team, architects, insurance provider, manufacturers, and equipment lessors can be held liable for not implementing proper safety provisions on the site or the necessary tools for safety were not present.

How Accidents Occur At Construction Sites

Defective products that can result in on-site accidents include:

• Power tools
• Ladders
• Trucks
• Cranes
• Scaffolds
• Houses
• Other

For instance, inadequate safety measures can result in falling objects, which can be fatal in some cases. At times, crane operators can be negligent and knock out power lines, resulting in some bystanders getting electrocuted.


If injured, workers can seek compensation under the workers’ compensation laws. In such cases, the survivors or innocent bystanders can hire a seasoned personal injury attorney. The accident scene has to be photographed immediately to preserve the evidence. This approach will help your attorney team build a stronger case for the victims which will favor you greatly in court. We hire professional architects, general contractors, safety experts, and engineers to help our attorneys and investigators thoroughly analyze the accident scene and create a strong case for the trial.

Our teams of experts are seasoned litigators and are proactive and empathetic in their approach. With us by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you will get the best outcome in your particular case. Cases like these are incredibly demanding, which is why you hire to hire the services of highly seasoned and skilled construction accident attorneys in Palm Springs, FL, for justice.

We have tackled many cases and helped clients get the financial compensation they deserve. For any additional information about how our construction accident attorneys in Palm Springs, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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