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Accidents on building sites happen more often than most people think. These accidents could kill or hurt people who work, visit, or just happen to be in the area. Our North Key Largo, FL construction accident attorneys at Silva & Silva have won many cases in this field. We know what it takes to look at these sites and the circumstances before figuring out how strong a case is.

Provisions For Safety On The Job Site

All businesses in the construction field have to do professional and comprehensive site inspections. They need to make risk assessments, hire safety engineers, and ensure that all workers are trained. Accidents happen on worksites all the time. People who own or run a business can be held liable if they don’t ensure there are enough safety measures in place or don’t have the right tools and equipment to keep people safe.

Accidents on Work Sites: What Makes They Happen?

Equipment that isn’t safe or doesn’t work well can lead to construction site accidents, and some of these include: 

  • Electric tools
  • Cranes
  • Scaffolds
  • Ladders
  • Trucks
  • Hoses
  • Other

 Poor safety systems, for example, can cause things to fall from a height at construction sites, which can be dangerous. Crane operators could be callous and cause power lines above them to break, zapping innocent people.


Seasoned Construction Accident Lawyers In North Key Largo, FL 

While injured workers have the right to get some remuneration under worker’s compensation rules, innocent people and their families need the help of a construction accident lawyer. In these kinds of situations, we need to look at and document the accident scene as quickly as possible to keep the evidence safe.

This is a timely and practical way to help construction accident victims build more robust cases. To help our investigators and lawyers better understand the accident site and make a strong case for trial, we work with a panel of specialists, builders, engineers, and contractors who are experts in their fields. Our lawyers have a lot of experience in court, but they’re also kind and proactive.

Construction accident lawyers in North Key Largo, FL, are critical to helping you get the justice you merit. We have dealt with many similar cases and have helped clients get the money they deserve. For any additional information about how our construction litigation attorneys in North Key Largo, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.



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