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Most people are surprised to learn that construction accidents are quite common. Those working on the construction site, (including people, visiting, playing, or working in the vicinity) can suffer injury or die in these incidents. At Silva & Silva, our Key Biscayne construction lawsuit attorneys have successfully litigated several claims in this area.

Safety Measures For The Construction Site

Site inspections are mandatory for all construction companies, and they need to implement safety protocols, hire safety engineers, and ensure that their personnel are fully trained. Investors, engineers, contractors, architects, subcontractors, product suppliers, insurers, and even the tool and equipment leasing firms may be held accountable if an incident occurs on a construction project due to inadequate safety safeguards being provided. Their failure to supply the necessary safety tools and equipment may be a factor that goes against them.

How Do Construction Site Mishaps Occur?

Here are a few instances of dangerous or faulty construction equipment that might lead to an accident on the job site:

  • Cranes
  • High-performance instruments
  • Ladders, scaffolds, and other safety equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Hoses
  • Trucks
  • Other

For example, the dangers of falling objects may be fatal if safety measures are poor. Crane operators may be inattentive, causing electricity wires to be pulled down and accidentally killing innocent bystanders, a danger to the public.

Key Biscayne, FL Construction Site Accident Attorneys

A skilled construction accident attorney is necessary for people hurt due to someone else’s negligence at a work site. This is different from a workers’ compensation system, which benefits injured employees and their dependents. In such cases, it’s important that the accident scene documentation and recording happen as quickly as possible to preserve any relevant evidence. Our legal team can build a better argument for construction accident victims because of this prompt and efficient approach.

We work with a team of planners, engineers, safety experts, and contractors to help our investigators and attorneys assess the accident scene and prepare a strong argument for trial. Our lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of these disputes. Additionally, they have a heartfelt and cutting-edge attitude to their work. With us handling your case, you can be confident that our experts will systematically manage every step of the legal procedure.

Hiring a professional and experienced Key Biscayne, FL construction litigation lawyer like ours is essential under these challenging situations. Construction accidents are a common occurrence, and our firm has successfully handled many of these cases in the past, ensuring our clients received the compensation they were due. For any additional information about how our construction litigation attorneys in Key Biscayne, FL can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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