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Within the realm of premises liability, construction site accidents not only kill or injure construction site workers, but also invitees to the site and people who play or work in the surrounding areas of the site. Construction companies have a duty to inspect each site in a diligent and professional manner. They should hire safety engineers, provide safety programs, and train their workers adequately.

When a construction site accident happens, the owners, architects, engineers, developers, subcontractors, insurers and manufacturers and/or lessors of equipment and tools may be held liable for not having adequate safety provisions and/or safe equipment and tools.

Defective or dangerous products that often cause construction site accidents are cranes, scaffolds, power tools, ladders, trucks and hoses. For example, it is common for crane operators to negligently knock down power lines, which in turn electrocute innocent bystanders. Poor safety conditions often lead to falling objects, which on a given day prove to be fatal.

While an injured worker may seek compensation from the worker’s compensation laws, an innocent bystander or his or her survivors need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. These cases require immediate attention because a defective product and an accident scene need to be photographed and documented, as it is vital that the evidence be preserved. Silva & Silva relies on a team of architects, engineers, general contractors and safety experts to help its attorneys and investigators analyze the scene of the accident and prepare the case for trial.