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Construction  Accident Lawyers

Throughout Florida, building sites of all types and sizes are seen in various stages of construction. There are residential neighborhoods, commercial retail centers and other commercial establishments. The landscape is changing as a consequence of high-rise building development. Commercial property development includes office buildings, boutique hotels, and other settings.

Despite of the protocols set in place by construction companies to ensure the safety of worksites, the possibility of serious injury or death remains. Each year, hundreds of observers and bystanders are injured in construction site accidents. We at Silva & Silva can assist you if you have been hurt on or around a construction site. Our Sweetwater Florida Construction Accident Attorneys can guide you throughout the proceedings.

How Construction Site Accidents Take Place

Because various tools, equipment and heavy scaffolding is used at construction sites, people can suffer injuries and harm from:

• Electrical accidents
• Crane accidents
• Fires/explosions
• Heavy equipment failure
• Roofing accidents
• Equipment user errors
• Misuse of safety implements
• Welding accidents
• Trenching
• Falling objects
• Struck by accidents
• Power tool mishaps
• Scaffolding accidents
• Slip and falls
• Misuse of tools

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys In Sweetwater, FL Help

Years of hospital treatment and therapy may be required to fully recuperate from these injuries, and the resulting repercussions may be serious enough that you are just unable to resume all previous activities. Our lawyers can help you in preparing an effective claim for any of the following:

• Spinal cord injury
• Disfigurement
• Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Severed limbs

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys In Sweetwater, FL

If you’ve suffered any form of injury at or close to a construction site, you’ll want to retain the services of an experienced attorney to ensure that your case is addressed efficiently. Our attorneys have decades of combined expertise litigating personal injury claims. Several of them are state and federal authority on the regulations controlling construction accidents. We can assist you in learning these very complex requirements and providing a strong case to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

We have the tools and knowledge required to establish if these rules have been crossed and, if so, who should be made accountable. Throughout the years, we have handled several comparable instances, assuring that our clients obtain the reimbursement they deserve. Our professionals are available to assist and advise you and are tenacious in their pursuit of justice in these sorts of instances. For more information on how our construction accident attorneys in Sweetwater, FL can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011,

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