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Florida is a densely inhabited state with a variety of housing constructions. Highrise apartments coexist with business areas and office towers. The landscape is shifting against a backdrop of soaring structures. The region’s substantial real estate development is evident in the form of office buildings, resorts, and other commercial districts.

Regardless of the precautions taken by construction businesses and specialists to ensure the safety of construction sites, the chance of injuries or death always remains. Each year, occupational accidents injure scores of observers and bystanders. Silva & Silva can help you if you have been injured on a construction site. Our South Miami Heights, FL Construction Accident Attorneys are here to assist you during this difficult period.

How Construction Site Accidents Occur

Construction worksites become highly risky zones and many individuals suffer injury and trauma from :

• Struck by equipment
• Scaffolding accidents
• Welding accidents
• Electrical accidents
• Falling objects
• Equipment user errors
• Crane accidents
• Power tool mishaps
• Fires/explosions
• Heavy equipment failure
• Misuse of safety implements
• Trenching
• Misuse of tools
• Slip and falls
• Roofing accidents

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys In South Miami Heights FL Help

On these sites, because to the mix of construction equipment, power tools, and other machinery, mistakes and lapses may have catastrophic consequences, including the following::

• Severed limbs
• Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Disfigurement
• Spinal cord injury

Months or even years of rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment may be necessary to address the consequences of these incidents. In certain circumstances, impacted individuals can have long-term health and physical consequences. These factors make it hard for people to return to a regular life. Our lawyers can help you in pursuing the reimbursement to which you are due via the legal system.

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys In South Miami Heights, FL

If you have been injured on a building project, you should get legal assistance to ensure a successful resolution of your claim. Our lawyers are very adept in dealing with personal injury cases. Federal and state law specialists in the subject of construction accident law are part of the team. We can help you negotiate these complicated rules and assemble a persuasive case to get the best conclusion possible.

We have the requisite knowledge and skills to determine if these rules have been violated and, if so, who really should be taken to task. We have handled similar instances before, ensuring that clients obtained the monetary damages they were entitled to. Our lawyers collaborate closely with every client to improve the probability of a good outcome. For more information on how our construction accident attorneys in South Miami Heights, FL can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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