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Construction sites of all kinds and sizes can be found across Florida. There are residential communities, as well as commercial shopping complexes and other business locations. The landscape is altering as a result of the construction of high-rise buildings. Office buildings, boutique hotels and other commercial spaces are all examples of real estate development.

Regardless of the steps taken by construction firms and contractors to maintain the safety of construction sites, major injury or death is still a risk. Each year, construction site accidents hurt hundreds of onlookers and passersby. If you have been injured on or near a construction site, we at Silva & Silva can aid you. Our Naranja, FL Construction Accident Lawyers are here to assist you along the process.

How Construction Site Accidents Take Place

Construction site injuries and traumas can happen in various ways, including:

• Equipment user errors
• Electrical accidents
• Crane accidents
• Misuse of safety implements
• Roofing accidents
• Welding accidents
• Falling objects
• Trenching
• Struck by accidents
• Power tool mishaps
• Scaffolding accidents
• Fires/explosions
• Slip and falls
• Heavy equipment failure
• Misuse of tools

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys In Naranja, FL Help

Years of medical treatment and rehabilitation may be crucial to alleviate these injuries, and the subsequent consequences may be severe enough that you are unable to continue all former activities. Our attorneys can assist you in developing a compelling claim for any of the following:

• Spinal cord injury
• Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Disfigurement
• Severed limbs

Years of treatment and therapy may be necessary to address these injuries, and the consequences may be so severe that you may be unable to resume your pre-injury life. Our attorneys can assist you in creating solid claims in order to recover funds owed to you:’

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys In Naranja, FL

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, you’ll need the assistance of an expert attorney to ensure your case is effectively resolved. Our lawyers have decades of experience handling personal injury cases. Several of them are authorities on state and federal rules governing construction accidents. We can help you in comprehending these extremely difficult rules and presenting a persuasive argument to guarantee that you receive the best conclusion possible.

We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to determine if these limits have been violated and, if so, who really should be held legally responsible. We have handled several similar cases over the years, ensuring that our clients receive the compensation they need. Our experts are here to support and guide you and are relentless in fighting cases of these types. For more information on how our construction accident attorneys in Naranja, FL can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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