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Construction projects of varying sizes can be found throughout Florida. A rising number of housing developments necessitates the construction of shopping centers. New commercial towers are transforming the cityscape. Newer construction projects can be found anywhere, from car dealerships to office towers to five-star resorts. Despite the measures used by construction companies, there is still a high likelihood of serious injury on construction sites despite the precautions.

At construction sites, bystanders and the general public are frequently injured. If you were hurt while operating on a construction site, Silva & Silva could help you file a claim. Our expert Construction Accident Attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL are here to help you through the legal procedure from beginning to end.

How Construction Site Accidents Occur

People can get hurt on a building site in many ways, including:

• Scaffolding accidents
• Welding accidents
• Trenching
• Slip and falls
• Misuse of safety implements
• Electrical accident
• Fires/explosions
• Struck by accidents
• Roofing accidents
• Power tools mishaps
• User error/failure of heavy tools
• Falling objects

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys In Lighthouse Point, FL Help

Broken bones, paralysis, and other life-altering traumas are common in construction site accidents. TBI, paralysis, amputations, and disfigurement are just a few of the possible outcomes of such an occurrence.

These injuries may leave you permanently incapacitated, making it impossible to start work or spend time with friends and family the way you used to. You and your family are entitled to the compensation that our firm’s attorneys can secure for you through a lawsuit.

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys In Lighthouse Point, FL

To ensure that your case is handled correctly after being harmed in a construction accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Many members of our legal team have extensive knowledge of federal and state laws regarding construction accidents. Since we are well-versed in the complexities of these rules, we can build a solid case on your behalf and actively demand appropriate compensation.

With our expertise and vast resources, we will investigate whether or not these guidelines were broken. With many cases under our belt, we’ve been able to get our clients the monetary compensation they deserve. For more information on how our construction accident attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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