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Florida is heavily populated with housing developments of all kinds and sizes. Residential neighborhoods coexist with retail stores and other commercial developments. The environment is evolving as a result of the construction of big buildings. Office skyscrapers, resorts, and other commercial centers are all examples of property development.

Regardless of the steps taken by construction contractors and consultants to ensure the safety of construction sites, the risk of death or injury persists. Each year, construction site accidents harm hundreds of onlookers and visitors. We at Silva & Silva can assist you if you’ve been injured at a building site. Our Kendall City, FL Construction Accident Attorneys are here to support you during this trying time.

How Construction Site Accidents Take Place

Construction sites injury can occur in various ways, such as:

• Misuse of safety implements
• Roofing accidents
• Falling objects
• Struck by accidents
• Welding accidents
• Trenching
• Scaffolding accidents
• Fires/explosions
• Electrical accidents
• Crane accidents
• Slip and falls
• Power tool mishaps
• Heavy equipment failure
• Equipment user errors
• Misuse of tools

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys In Kendall City, FL Help

Years of medical treatments and rehabilitation may be necessary to address these injuries, and the consequences may be so severe that you will be unable to resume all activities as before. Our attorneys can assist you in developing a compelling claim to recover the money you are owed for:

• Spinal cord injury
• Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Disfigurement
• Severed limbs

Years of healthcare and related treatment may be necessary to address these impairments, and there may be several long-term consequences that prevent you from returning to your life as before. Our lawyers can assist you in submitting a strong claim to ensure that you receive the money you are owed.

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys In Kendall City, FL

If you have been harmed on or near a construction site, you ought to get legal counsel to ensure that your claim is properly handled. Our attorneys have a broad background handling personal injury cases, and some of them are authority on federal and state construction accident statutes. We can assist you in interpreting these complex criteria, preparing the best possible case, and obtaining the desired results. We are here to assist you at every step of the process and to reduce any stress you may be experiencing.

We have the means and expertise necessary to ascertain if the legislation has been violated and, if so, who is responsible. Over the years, we’ve handled other comparable cases and assisted our clients in obtaining the compensation they must get. For more information on how our construction accident attorneys in Kendall City, FL can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011,

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