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Silva & Silva has successfully settled many instances involving serious injury and death due to exposure to toxic and harmful medications such as Fen-Phen. Our Jupiter, Florida, class action attorneys have represented clients in cases concerning dangerous materials such as mold and asbestos found in worn and deteriorating homes, as well as risky diagnostic implants such as silicone breast implants. Furthermore, we have helped prosecute unethical corporations and clients involved in Ponzi schemes and other types of criminal deception.

What Do Class Action Suits Involve?

Class-action lawsuit are court procedures consolidates identical claims. This group is referred to as a class, and submitting their claims ensures that their cases are handled more efficiently. The group bears a portion of the expense of researching and pursuing the suit together. Silva & Silva is probably most known for its involvement in the Fen-Phen lawsuit.

Plaintiffs sued the producers of two medications used in the manufacture of Fen-Phen, a commonly consumed dietary supplement. The victims took these diet pills without ever being aware of the risks.

They developed valvulopathies and cardiovascular problems as a result of these medications. Specific individuals experienced pulmonary hypertension and palpitations. Manufacturers are expected to indicate the harmful impacts of their products on their labels, if any. However, the manufacturers neglected to do so in this instance.

Class Action Attorneys In Jupiter, Florida

Our law firm has represented several individuals in a class-action lawsuit alleging criminal fraud in connection with the sale of beads. Consumers who purchased these beads were assigned to thread them and were compensated handsomely for their efforts. They then discovered that everything had been staged as part of an extensive fraud or Pyramid scheme.

Early subscribers receive revenue on subsequent subscriptions when this type of plan launches. When no further people are available to dupe, the scheme eventually crashes. The Ponzi Scheme organizers have frequently moved their whole unlawful income abroad by this stage.

We are highly trained, experienced, and informed class action lawsuit attorneys in Jupiter, Florida. Our competence in this sphere has ensured that clients dealing with dishonest operators achieve justice. We work tirelessly and methodically to assist our clients at every stage. For more details about our class action litigation attorneys can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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