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Silva & Silva’s legal team has successfully settled various disputes involving dangerous medications, such as the dieting pill Fen-Phen. In other cases, asbestos and mold were found in older properties, and our Royal Palm Beach, Florida, class action attorneys intervened to protect their clients via appropriate legal action. Medical equipment, particularly silicone breast implants, has been linked with similar class action cases. Additionally, our firm has defended clients against Ponzi schemes as well as other similar violations.

What Is A Class Action Suit?

A class-action lawsuit is filed on behalf of a group of persons who have identical claims. When these people file a claim as one, the process is accelerated. Members of the group bear the expenses of court proceedings and other court action. Silva & Silva is renowned for its work in this space.

The manufacturers of two of the ingredients used in the famous diet medication Fen-Phenhave been sued. There was no warning provided to people who began using Fen-Phen, and customers were unaware that the drug they were taking might be damaging to their health.

They developed severe cardiovascular problems due to their use of these drugs and hypertension, and irregular heartbeats were common symptoms for some persons. All medical product labeling must provide a detailed list of potential adverse effects. On the other hand, pharmaceutical corporations did not respect the protocol in this instance.

Lawyers for Class Actions in Royal Palm Beach, Florida

We successfully supported clients cheated by a company promoting beaded items. Stringing the beads fell to individuals who bought them, and the scheme organizers made certain they were well compensated for their efforts. As they learned, the business was a Ponzi scheme or a scam.

Once these types of schemes become available, they benefit all new users. However, if there are no more individuals to deceive, the scheme will fail. By this point, the Ponzi scheme’s administrators will have transferred a significant supply of cash to a foreign country.

Our class action lawyers in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, have significant knowledge of legal processes and can help you initiate legal action. Consumers who dishonest businesses have deceived can depend on our legal expertsie to recover their funds. We work persistently and systematically to ensure that our customers’ demands are satisfied through the legal process.For more details about our class action litigation attorneys can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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