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Silva & Silva’s legal team has successfully resolved several cases concerning harmful drugs, such as the dietary supplement Fen-Phen, which have been successfully resolved in the past. Asbestos and mold were discovered in older structures, and our Pompano Beach, Florida class action lawyers stepped in with appropriate legal action supporting their clients. Medical devices, and silicone breast implants, have been the subject of their involvement in several cases. The law firm has also fought Ponzi schemes and other related offenses on behalf of clients.

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

In a class-action lawsuit, a group of people with similar claims files a single case on their behalf. The claim-filing procedure is sped up when many persons make a claim together. Collective members pay the costs of court appearances and other legal processes. Due to the Fen-Phen case, Silva & Silva became well-known for their work in this field.

A lawsuit has been filed against the makers of two of the chemicals used in the popular diet pill Fen-Phen. There was no warning given to those who started using Fen-Phen and consumers didn’t know what they were taking was potentially harmful to their health.

They suffered severe cardiovascular conditions due to using these medications and hypertension, and heartbeat irregularities were prevalent symptoms for some people. All medical product labels require an itemized list of possible side effects. However, pharmaceutical companies did not follow the process in this case.

Class Action Lawyers in Pompano Beach, Florida

As part of a massive class-action case, we successfully defended clients accused of deceptively marketing beaded merchandise. The task of stringing the beads fell to those who purchased them, and the scheme organizers made sure to reward them well for their work. As they discovered, the company turned out to be a part of a Ponzi scheme or a large-scale fraud.

Once these schemes become accessible, all the new adopters benefit from them. However, if there aren’t any more people to fool, the plan will fall apart. The Ponzi scheme’s managers will have sent a significant sum of money to a foreign nation by this stage.

Our Pompano Beach, Florida, class action attorneys have extensive knowledge of legal procedures and may assist you in pursuing legal action. Consumers who dishonest firms have scammed may rely on our expertise to get their money back. We work tirelessly and methodically to guarantee that our clients’ needs are addressed throughout the process.For more details about our class action litigation attorneys can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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