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Silva & Silva’s team of experts has successfully settled several severe injury and wrongful death lawsuits involving dangerous medications like Fen-Phen. Our c lass action lawyers in North Miami Beach, Florida stepped in when mold and asbestos were identified in collapsing homes and instances involving potentially harmful medical equipment or breast implants arose. We’ve also worked to bring criminals to trial who perpetuated Ponzi schemes and other forms of financial fraud.

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

Class-action lawsuit involve the merging of similar claims into a single complaint. When a group of people makes a claim, the process moves more quickly. Members of the collective chip in for the cost of the legal action. Fen-Phen litigation has made Silva & Silva a well-known legal firm.

Complaints were made against the manufacturers of two of the compounds used to make Fen-Phen, a popular weight loss supplement. Fen-Phen users had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they took the diet pill.

They developed valvulopathies and other major heart ailments because of consuming these pills. Hypertension and heart palpitations were common symptoms for some persons. Products must carry a list of possible side effects on their labels. However, in this case, the makers of those drugs did not.

Class Action Attorneys In North Miami Beach, Florida

In a well-known class-action dispute, we represented clients who were accused of serious deception in the sale of bead items. People who bought the beads were responsible for threading them, and they were paid a lot of money for their efforts. The enterprise turned out to be a part of a broader fraud or pyramid scheme, as they found later on.

All early adopters profit from subscribing to these plans once they are introduced. However, when there are no victims to fool, the system will fail. The Ponzi scheme’s leadership will have transported a significant amount of illegitimate income to a foreign country at this point.

Class action lawyers in North Miami Beach, Florida, have extensive knowledge of the legal system and can help you file a lawsuit. Consumers who have been scammed by dishonest operators may rely on our experience to get the compensation they are entitled to. Throughout the process, we work tirelessly and methodically to ensure clients’ success.

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