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Silva & Silva’s competent team has successfully resolved several severe injury and wrongful death claims involving harmful drugs such as Fen-Phen. When mold and asbestos were discovered in crumbling homes and possibly dangerous medical devices or breast implants-related cases emerged, class action attorneys intervened in Miramar, Florida. We have also helped bring exploitative enterprises involved in Ponzi investment schemes and fraud to justice.

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

Similar claims are consolidated into a single complaint in a typical class-action lawsuit. When a group of persons submits a claim, the matter is expedited. The group’s members contribute to the legal expenses associated with the litigation. Silva & Silva is well-recognized due to their involvement in the Fen-Phen lawsuit.

Complaints emerged against the manufacturers of two drugs used to produce the famous weight reduction pill Fen-Phen. When the victims used Fen-Phen, they were unaware of the dangers associated with the diet drug.

As a result of taking these tablets, they suffered valvulopathies and other heart conditions. Certain people got hypertension and suffered heart palpitations. Manufacturers are obligated to include a list of potential adverse effects on their product labels. However, in this particular instance, the makers did not.

Class Action Attorneys InMiramar, Florida

We represented clients in a known class-action lawsuit alleging significant fraud in the sale of bead products. The threading of the beads was delegated to the consumers who bought them, and they were extremely well paid for their labor. They then discovered that the operation was part of a larger scam or pyramid scheme.

Subscriptions to these schemes once it is released benefit all early adopters. However, the system fails once there are no unaware victims to deceive. By this time, the leaders of the Ponzi plan have often transferred a substantial quantity of illegal cash to a foreign land.

Our class action attorneys in Miramar, Florida, are well-versed in all areas of the legal system. Our expertise has assisted consumers tricked by dishonest operators in obtaining the justice they truly deserve. We work persistently and meticulously to ensure our clients’ success during the process.

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