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Silva & Silva has handled several cases in which individuals have been seriously harmed or have died due to hazardous medications such as Fen-Phen. Our team of experienced class action attorneys in Key Largo, FL has represented clients in lawsuits involving poisonous chemicals such as asbestos and mold common in older houses, as well as other extremely dangerous medical items such as breast implants. Additionally, we have litigated lawsuits against unethical organizations and individuals engaged in customer deception or Ponzi schemes.

What Exactly Is a Class Action Suit?

A class-action lawsuit is a legal action brought on behalf of a group of individuals who share a joint claim against a corporation. This collection of individuals is considered a class and submitting these claims guarantees that they are processed efficiently. That’s because the organization splits the costs associated with prosecution and investigation. Silva & Silva litigated the famed Fen-Phen class action lawsuit.

This particular action was brought against the makers of two medications that were included in Fen-Phen, a dietary concoction. The victims ingested the product, unaware that it may trigger a response.The victims experienced cardiovascular issues, pulmonary edema, valvulopathies, and heart disease. Manufacturers are required to disclose any known adverse effects on the labeling. However, the makers neglected to do that in this case.

Experienced Class Action Attorneys in Key Largo, FL

Furthermore, our firm has handled class-action claims alleging consumer fraud involving the sale of beads. Buyers who purchased the beads had been assured that they would get a substantial sum after being assembled. It was eventually discovered to be a pyramid scam.

Individuals that join these fraudulent schemes early profit from commissions earned as others gradually join. However, the system collapses as soon as no more people are available to enter. In most cases, the planners of such Pyramid schemes have moved all of their earnings offshore before the rest of the world catches up. It’s a simple way for these deceitful people to cheat unwitting folks that are looking to make some money.

Our team of highly trained and educated class action attorneys in Key Largo, FL has assisted countless naïve consumers in court proceedings following their deception by fraudulent Ponzi scheme operators. For more details about our class action attorneys can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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