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In a class action, also called a class lawsuit, one person represents a group of people who collectively unite to bring a group case or a lawsuit against an individual on behalf of many people. Filing a class action suit is advantageous because it allows many people to join together to sue for damages for a defendant’s conduct and sends a powerful message that similar unlawful actions will not be permitted.

Expert Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys in Surfside, FL

Silva & Silva’s class action attorneys in Surfside, FL are essential to ensuring the overall performance of class action actions and mass tort claims in the area. To bring a legal action, a group of people who have experienced identical losses joins together to pursue a third party, most often an enterprise or organization. The exploitation of the customer, fraud, or a defective product is all possible in such instances.

As a result, class-action lawsuits remain to be pursued despite their complexity and length. When you opt for our services, it doesn’t matter how large or complex your claims are, or how much money you’ve lost; our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will do everything they can to get you the compensation that you deserve.


Notable Cases That Our Class Action Attorneys in Surfside, FL Have Handled

Among the numerous class action lawsuits our firm has handled are the following:

  • The Fen-Phen lawsuit was focused on the use of potentially harmful medications.
  • Infestation of old buildings with mold and asbestos
  • Medical devices that could endanger the patient’s life
  • Ponzi schemes are the subject of many scams.
  • The use of deceit in criminal activity


A Class Action Lawsuit’s Advantages

In a class-action suit, the concerns and alleges of many people are brought together in a single proceeding. To avoid filing a new action for each individual with a claim or injury that is identical, the case appoints certain individuals as class representatives. Those whose losses are inadequate to merit a single lawsuit can pool their resources through class actions. It is often the only practical alternative for putting a stop to criminal acts or reclaiming assets that have been wrongfully seized. If you require legal assistance, Silva & Silva is here to help. For more details about our class action attorneys in Surfside, FL call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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