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A class action, or a class lawsuit, is a legal procedure in which an individual leads a set of people who eventually join forces to file a collective case or a lawsuit in which multiple individuals pursue the offenders. The benefit of launching a class action suit is that it permits a large number of persons to group together and seek restitution for a plaintiff’s wrongdoing, while also sending a powerful message that these criminal acts will not be accepted.

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Sunrise, FL class action attorneys at Silva & Silva are essential to the achievement of success in class action and mass tort cases. As mentioned, in a class-action lawsuit a larger group of people who have suffered similar harms team up to sue an organization, generally a corporation or corporation. In these circumstances, client exploitation, dishonesty, or a defective product may all be involved.

Although these class-action lawsuits are protracted, labor-intensive, and exceedingly intricate, people continue pursuing them. You can be confident that if you choose our firm, our professional and experienced legal professionals will fight aggressively on your behalf regardless of the magnitude and complexities of your claims or the extent of your losses.


Notable Cases Handled by Our Sunrise, FL Class Action Attorneys

Our firm has handled several class action lawsuits, including the following:

  • The Fen-Phen suit, which involved the use of significantly hazardous medications
  • Contamination of older residences with mold and asbestos
  • Dangerous medical tools
  • Criminal deceit
  • Ponzi scams


The Benefits Of A Class Action Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit is a type of litigation in which the interests and claims of a significant number of people are resolved through a centralized procedure. The lawsuit appoints certain persons as representatives, precluding anyone with a similar claim or damage from filing a separate case.

Additionally, class actions enable people with inadequate losses to bring a single lawsuit to combine their resources. It is frequently the only viable alternative for putting a halt to criminal activity or reclaiming illegally obtained property. These disputes can be complicated and difficult to navigate, which is where our experience in this industry comes in handy.

Silva & Silva can help you in a wide range of legal matters, including these class action litigations. For more details about our class action litigation attorneys in Sunrise, FL call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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