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A class action lawsuit is referred to as a “class case” because it involves several plaintiffs suing the same defendant on behalf of the whole class. A class action lawsuit is an obvious advantage because it sends a clear message that this kind of approach will not be accepted.

Lawyers for class actions in Naranja, FL

Silva & Silva’s class action attorneys in Naranja, FL can give you an advantage in your case. A variety of factors may lead to product liability lawsuits, including design flaws, manufacturing inaccuracies, and health dangers posed by potentially toxic substances. There are a wide range of difficulties that might be raised by these events, exploits, commodities or conduct, demanding the intervention of competent attorneys like us.

Class action lawsuits are being filed despite the fact that they are difficult, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Our legal specialists will fight for you to the very end, whatever aspect your case covers.


Notable Cases Handled by Our Naranja, FL Class Action Attorneys

A few examples of the class action cases that our lawyers have handled:

  • Dangerous medical devices
  • Ponzi schemes
  • The Fen-Phen related to hazardous medicine use
  • Mold/asbestos contamination in older structures
  • Criminal deceit


The Benefits Of A Class Action Lawsuit

Class action suits and other forms of legal action have a number of distinctions between them that should be taken into consideration. Companies and very wealthy people often get away with wrongdoings because of their clout and financial resources. Its also why individuals can rarely win legal battles against them. People who have suffered significant losses may be able to get compensation via class action lawsuits.

It is possible to reclaim stolen wealth via the judiciary, which may terminate illegal activity. It is possible for us to help anybody in need of legal assistance due to our knowledge and competence on the subject matter. People come to us for assistance because we are a well-known law firm that serves those in need. We’ll work closely with you and be there for you every step along the way to help you achieve a favorable outcome. We are committed to our clients and our experts go to great lengths to develop a solid case to fight these powerful companies and people.

Silva & Silva can help you in various legal matters, including drawn out class action litigations. For more details about our class action litigation attorneys in Naranja, FL call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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