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A “class action” is a legal term for a lawsuit in which a group of plaintiffs join together to sue a single defendant. In a class action, the legal system sends a forceful message that this kind of misconduct will not be condoned.

Class Action Attorneys In Miami Lakes, FL

If you are involved in a class action lawsuit in Miami Lakes, FL the lawyers at Silva & Silva can assist you. Claims that a product’s design, production, or ingredients are dangerous can lead to product liability litigation against the maker. A wide range of legal concerns may occur as a consequence of these incidents, exploitations, commodities or activities, necessitating the services of legal professionals like us.

No matter how much time and money it takes, class action lawsuits are still filed. You can be confident that Silva & Silva’s attorneys will do all in their power to help you.

Notable Miami Lakes, FL Class Action Cases Handled by Our Attorneys

The following are examples of class action cases in which we have represented clients:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • The Fen-Phen connected with hazardous medications
  • Mold/asbestos contamination in older structures
  • Dangerous medical devices
  • Criminal deceit

The Benefits Of A Class Action Lawsuit

On a number of levels, class action lawsuits are unique from other types of judicial proceedings. Because of their enormous clout and riches, corporations and the affluent are usually able to skirt the rules and get away with crimes. As a result, they are nearly always successful in court. There is a chance that class action lawsuits can help persons who have experienced major financial losses in the past. It is possible to retrieve stolen property through the courts, which have the power to stop criminal behavior.

Because of our knowledge and skill in the field, we are able to assist customers in need of legal advice. Many turn to us for help since we are a well-known law practice that specializes in helping individuals in need. Your success is our first priority. We promise to support and assist you throughout the process. Because we care about our clients, our attorneys will go to great lengths to build a strong case against big corporations and well-known individuals.

Silva & Silva can help you in various legal matters, including lengthy and complex class action litigations. For additional details about our class action attorneys in Miami Lakes, FL call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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