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Fen-Phen and other dangerous drugs have been the center of a high-profile case handled by Silva & Silva. Among the cases we’ve handled for clients in Key West, Florida, are those involving harmful medical products like breast implants. We have also dealt with cases in which people have been harmed by mold and asbestos, which are common in older homes. Our team of class action attorneys has taken legal action against unscrupulous businesses and people involved in attempts to defraud customers or create Ponzi schemes.

What Are Class Actions Lawsuits?

In a class-action lawsuit, a group of people who have a common claim against a business is represented in court. Filing these claims ensures that they will be dealt with quickly, and this group of people is often referred to as a class. This is because the organization divides the costs of the lawsuit and investigation. Silva & Silva handled the well-known Fen-Phen class action litigation in the United States.

The defendants, in this case, are the manufacturers of two drugs that were included in the dietary supplement Fen-Phen. The victims consumed the substance without knowing it could provoke a reaction.There was pulmonary edema, heart problems, and cardiovascular concerns among the victims. The labeling of products must include a warning about any known side effects. In this case, though, the makers failed to do so.

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We have also handled class-action lawsuits claiming criminal fraud in the sale of beads. There had been a guarantee that anyone who bought the beads will get a considerable sum when they string the beads together. However, it turned out to be a pyramid scheme in the end.Early participants benefit from commissions generated as more and more people join in. But the system breaks down when there aren’t any more individuals to enter it.

Most times, the people behind these Ponzi schemes have already shifted their money overseas well before everyone else realizes. It’s crucial to hire the services of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field. This will drastically increase your chances of having a positive outcome in court.

Class-action attorneys in Key West, Florida, have helped innumerable victims of Ponzi scheme scams in legal processes after they were defrauded.For more details about our class action attorneys can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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