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Traveling by air is a relatively safe mode of transportation. Despite this, there are a number of drawbacks to be aware of. Passengers and crew members alike might be impacted by a commercial or private aircraft disaster, and this includes the pilots. The Air Disaster Accident Attorneys In Lake Worth, FL at Silva & Silva handle all of these difficult situations.

Plane travel is growing more commonplace, but the quantity of passengers also means that there will be more mishaps, both in and out of the air. Regardless of who owns or flies the aircraft, all accidents end in catastrophic injury or death.


The Most Common Reasons For Airline Mishaps

Aircraft mishaps have claimed the lives of and harmed a number of people throughout the years. In the early aftermath of an aviation catastrophe, there may be catastrophic and tragic repercussions. A devastating aircraft accident might occur for the reasons listed below:

  • Incorrect flight manual information
  • Mechanical failure
  • Air traffic control violation
  • Pilot errors
  • Runway defects
  • Fatigued pilots
  • Improper maintenance
  • Defective parts Inadequate training
  • Weather

Experienced Air Disaster Accident Attorneys In Lake Worth, FL

Once you hire us to handle your case, we manage all legal aspects of it. In these events, the liability may be placed on the following people or businesses:

  • The airplane manufacturers
  • The airline
  • Instruments and parts manufacturers
  • Subcontractors

An unskilled lawyer may find it challenging to grasp local, state, and federal aviation rules. When an aircraft goes down, our clients can count on us for help. On-board Incidents Are Generally Covered By Large Insurance Companies. Our Air disaster accident attorneys in Lake Worth, FL may be relied upon by the relatives of the deceased. In the event of the loss of a loved one, you may be eligible to financial compensation. Each of our clients will be handled appropriately at all times since we will do all in our power to make sure of it.

Investigation and evidence gathering are crucial after a plane crash. Whenever anything goes wrong, it’s almost usually due to the fault of someone else. Our investigation relies on forensic experts. We may show our dedication to each of our consumers by adjusting our strategy. We’re here to provide assistance if you need it.

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