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Traveling by plane is quite safe. Despite this, there are disadvantages to be aware of. Accidents involving commercial or private planes may have devastating effects for pilots, crew members, passengers, and the families. Even the most complex situations can be handled by our Air Disaster Accident Attorneys in Kendale Lakes, FL, at Silva & Silva.

Traveling by air is becoming more popular. As the overall number of passengers increases, so will the number of incidents on the ground and in the air. Regardless of who owns or controls the aircraft, a crash is likely to result in catastrophic injuries or perhaps death. 

The Most Common Reasons For Air Disasters

A plane crash will very certainly cause severe burns, brain damage, and perhaps death. In the immediate vicinity of an aircraft crash, there is a potential for devastation and tragedy. The following elements may play a role in a catastrophic plane accident:

  • Air traffic control violation
  • Incorrect flight manual information
  • Fatigued pilots
  • Runway defects
  • Improper maintenance
  • Mechanical failure
  • Defective parts Inadequate training
  • Pilot errors
  • Weather

Experienced Air Disaster Accident Attorneys In Kendale Lakes, FL

The legal assessment of the aircraft tragedy is in our hands. The following individuals or entities may be held liable:

  • The airplane manufacturers
  • The airline
  • Instruments and parts manufacturers
  • Subcontractors

Because of their intricacy, aviation laws at the regional, state, and federal levels might be confusing to an untrained lawyer. Our clients can rely on our expertise for help in the event of an aviation tragedy. Large insurance firms often cover onboard mishaps. Families of victims of aircraft catastrophes have a legal advocate in our Air Disaster Accident Attorneys in Kendale Lakes, FL. You may be able to get yourself out of a jam if you get monetary recompense for the death of a loved one. We will do all in our power to ensure that our clients are treated fairly at all times.

After an aircraft disaster, the investigation and collecting of evidence is critical. When anything goes horribly wrong, we have to figure out who is to blame for it. Forensic investigators are essential to our investigation’s success. With a tailored approach, we can demonstrate our commitment to achieving the greatest results for each of our customers. In the midst of this trying time, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the assistance they require.

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