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Following a truck or automobile incident, it is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side. The Palm Beach Gardens trucking and auto accident atorneys at Silva & Silva have handled a wide range of tough cases over the years.

Why Should You Consider Our Palm Beach Gardens Truck & Auto Accident Attorneys?

A collision with a highly laden truck might be disastrous due to the weight and dimensions of a large vehicle. When two cars collide, not only are people injured, but the automobiles themselves are damaged. Because of the complexity of these cases, you must choose Palm Beach Gardens trucking and car accident attorneys that are well versed in relevant legislation and have extensive trial experience.

It is also crucial to contact with a lawyer who has handled transportation-related cases in the past. You risk squandering your time and money if you opt for an unskilled attorney. If you were injured in a vehicle or truck accident, you may be eligible to monetary compensation.

Aspects of Truck Collisions

The majority of lawyers refer to collisions involving big, heavy-duty vehicles as “truck accidents.” Operators with a diverse range of freight transport expertise drive commercial trucks. Massive construction equipment and other big vehicles, as well as trailers, 18-wheelers, and private automobiles, are often engaged in crashes.

Trucking accidents on America’s highways and roads are often caused by someone’s negligence or irresponsible behavior. It can be more difficult for the driver to come to a full stop on a steep curve or at high speeds because of this and the vehicle may skid or turn.

Aspects of Automobile Collisions

Throughout Florida and the rest of America, a number of non-profit organizations and groups are working to raise awareness about the significance of safe driving and driver training. Accidents still happen, no matter how hard these organizations attempt to raise awareness. An automobile accident may be caused by a variety of circumstances.

Using a cell phone while driving, speeding, driving in inclement weather, and disregarding traffic laws are all examples of risky driving conduct. Victims of car and truck accidents may pursue personal injury claims against all parties involved. It is possible to recoup doctor’s fees, medical expenses, and other damages not covered by your insurance policy, by using these legal remedies.

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