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It is vital to have a competent attorney on your side following a truck or vehicle collision. Silva & Silva’s Lake Park, FL trucking and auto accident attorneys have handled a broad variety of difficult situations all through years.

Why Should You Contact Our Lake Park, FL Truck Accident & Auto Accident Lawyers?

Due to the weight and proportions of a big vehicle, a collision with a heavily loaded truck might be devastating. When two automobiles crash, not only do individuals suffer injuries, but the vehicles themselves sustain damage. Due to the complexities of these situations, you must seek Lake Park, FL trucking and auto accident attorneys familiar with pertinent laws and have considerable trial experience. 

Additionally, it is critical to consult with a lawyer that has experience handling transportation-related events. If you choose an inexperienced attorney, you risk wasting your energy and missing compensation. If you have sustained injuries in a car or truck collision, you may be entitled to cash compensation.

Aspects Of Truck Accidents

Most attorneys refer to crashes involving large, heavy-duty commercial vehicles as “truck accidents.” Drivers with a broad mix of freight transport experience drive commercial vehicles. Massive construction equipment and other large trucks are routinely involved in collisions, as are trailers, 18-wheelers, and private cars.

On the nation’s highways and roads, trucking accidents are commonly caused by someone’s carelessness or reckless conduct. This may make it more difficult for the trucker to come to a complete stop on a sharp curve or at high speeds. As a result, the likelihood of an accident or skid increases.

Aspects of Automobile Collisions

Throughout Florida and the rest of the country, a variety of non-profit companies and other organizations are working to promote awareness about the importance of safe driving and motorist training. Regardless of how much these organizations work to raise awareness, accidents still occur. A motor vehicle collision can be caused by a multitude of circumstances.

Using a mobile phone while driving, speeding in poor conditions and disobeying traffic restrictions are all instances of unsafe driver behavior. Victims of automobile and truck accidents may file personal injury lawsuits against all those responsible. Through the employment of these legal options, it is possible to reclaim doctor costs, medical spending, and other damages.
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