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Individuals and, in rare circumstances, entire towns have been afflicted with major health problems. Certain individuals have perished as a result of prolonged interaction with mold and mildew, fungus, or even other toxic substances such as asbestos. Silva & Silva has much experience litigating similar situations. Our Hialeah, FL, toxic torts attorneys have a deep understanding of the difficulties that these cases might entail and are devoted to providing outstanding legal representation.

Various Toxic Substances

Individuals may acquire problems or have difficulties as a result of exposure to potentially hazardous and unpleasant environmental components and chemicals. Several of these circumstances and events include the following:

• Pollution
• Contamination
• Electromagnetic energy
• Hazardous wastes
• Violating environmental regulations
• Chemicals, scientific, and medical products

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Recent technological advancements and investigations have resulted in the emergence of a novel sort of litigation. Numerous studies reveal that the consequences of products, chemicals, and industrial activities on our environment are extensive. Many factors contribute to SBS (sick building syndrome), a condition in which building inhabitants or employees suffer serious medical consequences as a result of their ongoing tenancy or use of the structure. These are among the signs of the illness:

• Coughing
• Eye irritations
• Dizziness
• Throat and nose irritations
• Persistent wheezing
• Respiratory problems
• Nausea
• Other

Numerous variables, including the following, can increase the risk of SBS (sick building syndrome):

• Reactions to formaldehyde, synthetic fiber scents and carpet underlay gases
• Pollen, dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew are all frequent allergens.
• Tobacco smoking and industrial pollution intensify pre-existing health problems.
• Additionally, harmful compounds are present in asbestos fibers in the air, vapors, and microparticles produced by degraded lead-based paints.
• While some of these issues continue to grow in extent, Radon remains a significant source of worry in America. This gas significantly increases a person’s chance of developing lung cancer.
• Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems all contribute to indoor air pollution, which is an issue.

Cases Resolved Successfully in Toxic Tort Claims

Class action lawsuits empower plaintiffs to pool their funds in order to pursue corrupt multinational companies and other entities. These complex legal issues necessitate the assistance of knowledgeable Hialeah, FL toxic torts attorneys.

Victims who successfully submit a claim are reimbursed for lost wages, medical expenses, and mental anguish. Compensation may be granted when the defendant’s conduct was deliberate and prolonged. For more information about how our toxic torts attorneys in Hialeah, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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