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During summers, numerous people enjoy swimming in pools located in residential communities, resorts, casinos, and hotels. Swimmers can sustain catastrophic injuries due to inadequate precautions in these places. This is particularly true for small children, who account for disproportionately high drowning deaths.

Additionally, swimming accidents can result in hospitalizations and protracted consequences, including brain damage. Neurological injuries can result in memory loss, difficulty learning, and permanent loss of fundamental motor functions such as writing, reading, and general movements.

If a swimmer suffers an injury while swimming, they should immediately consult with their doctor and speak with qualified legal counsel like us. At Silva & Silva, our North Miami, FL, swimming pool negligence attorneys fight to maximize your recovery while holding negligent pool operators or property owners accountable for their negligence to provide a safe environment for swimmers on their premises.

Pool Accidents: The Most Common Reasons

Swimming pool accidents can happen for several reasons, among which are:

• Pool gates or pool covers can be harmful due to incorrect design. Young kids are particularly at risk in these settings.
• Inadequate pool illumination can result in severe injuries and other calamities.
• Damaged, faulty, or missing life preservers can obstruct rescue efforts and result in near-fatal or fatal drowning accidents.
• Wet surfaces near swimming pools are unsafe and have resulted in severe injuries and fatalities.
• Unskilled lifeguards who are distracted by calls, messages, or other interruptions may imperil swimmers’ safety.

Examining Negligent Behavior in-Depth

Guests or invitees to resorts, casinos, and hotel property pools must be protected from unsafe conditions when on these premises. It is the management or property owner’s responsibility to ensure guest safety. Our North Miami, FL, swimming pool negligence attorneys devote much time and attention to each case and treat every incident individually. We have professionals who perform thorough investigations and note hotel staff members’ or lifeguards’ risky behaviors.

Our firm works with highly trained experts from various fields to prepare complete legal papers on our clients’ behalf. Competent swimming pool negligence attorneys in Miami FL, take an organized approach to build a solid case, avoid hurdles, and increase our clients’ success prospects. We are diligent in treating each case to ensure that clients are kept as stress-free as possible during the legal processes. Our staff is knowledgeable and capable of resolving all types of swimming pool negligence claims.

For more information about how our swimming pool negligence attorneys in North Miami, FL can help in your case, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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