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Many people do enjoy swimming in pools located in residential complexes, resorts, hotels, and various casinos during the summer season. But, insufficient safety regulations in these locations can result in serious harm to swimmers. This is especially true for small children, who represent about 20% of drownings.

Additionally, swimming mishaps can result in hospitalization and severe consequences such as brain damage that can cause memory loss, learning disabilities, and total loss of essential motor activities such as speech, writing, and movement.

If a swimmer sustains an injury while swimming, they need to seek medical attention and competent legal advice soon after. At Silva & Silva, our North Miami Beach, FL, swimming pool negligence attorneys strive to optimize your compensation while bringing negligent pool operators/property owners to justice.

Common Reasons for Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents can take place dues to many different reasons such as:

• Inadequately built covers, zones, or pool fences can be harmful, especially for younger kids that may be in that space.
• Inadequate illumination in the swimming pool zones can also result in slip and fall accidents and other tragic mishaps.
• Damaged, malfunctioning or defective life preservers can impede rescue efforts and result in near-fatal drownings.
• Wet surfaces close to swimming pools can be hazardous, resulting in severe accidents and tragedies.
• A lifeguard who is unskilled or preoccupied with calls, messages, or other diversions may risk swimmer safety.

Thorough Investigations Into Negligent Behavior

Casinos, hotel, and resort pool owners or managers are obliged to ensure their guests’ safety on their property. Each condition and scenario is specific and our North Miami, FL swimming pool negligence attorneys devote significant effort and time to each case. We have specialists who do thorough investigations and offer findings on the hotel staff’s dangerous actions on-duty lifeguard.

Our company has partnered with highly qualified professionals from different fields to create persuasive legal briefs on our clients’ behalf. Our swimming pool negligence attorneys in North Miami Beach, FL, take a structured approach to build a strong case, ensuring no legal obstacles arise, increasing our clients’ chances of success. We are meticulous in treating each legal matter to ensure that our customers experience minimal stress while the case is underway. Our staff is knowledgeable and competent in managing situations involving swimming pool negligence.

We do not let any aspect affect our goal to provide exceptional legal representation to our clients. For more information about how our swimming pool negligence attorneys in North Miami Beach, FL can help in your case, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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