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Silva & Silva’s products liability attorneys in South Miami, FL have litigated a large number of cases in faulty product matters. If a person consumes untested, dangerous, or defective items, there is the possibility of severe injury or even death.

Each year, several persons are injured or killed because of substandard goods. Frequently, major disasters are compounded by failing gas and electric equipment and gadgets.

Filing Products Liability Claims 

The aggrieved party may be eligible to compensation if they sue the manufacturer or retailer of defective products. Insurers may compensate medical expenses, lost wages, and mental pain, irrespective of whether the afflicted person used or bought the products or simply used them. Our South Miami, FL products liability attorneys are prepared to help you with all your legal requirements in these cases. 

Consumers can sue companies and businesses that sell substandard items. This is an option for people filing the suit on behalf of their immediate family members as well. It is necessary to evaluate the dangers posed by children’s toys, medicines, and other equipment. Numerous individuals have perished because of the defects in these products.

Examples of Neglect in Products Liability Cases 

The following instances of carelessness may be uncovered in product liability claims:

  • When a product fails to discover or correct a significant fault
  • Insufficient testing is conducted before to the introduction of a product on the market.
  • There are inaccuracies in the product’s instructions for usage.
  • No sufficient testing done for safety

Professional South Miami, FL, Product Liability Attorneys

Our product liability lawyers will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the faulty product and its components. The company will be the subject of the inquiry into who was responsible for the incident’s consequences.

We have dealt with instances involving product responsibility many times previously. You may count on us to handle all of your legal obligations in the event of a product liability lawsuit. Our lawyers are dedicated to serving the long-term interests of our clients, regardless of how complex or straightforward the case may be.

We actively work towards ensuring a favorable outcome for you and our team is skilled enough to provide sound legal advice and excellent support. In addition to providing excellent legal advice, we handle every area of your case methodically to get the best results.

For more details about how our skilled products liability attorneys in South Miami, FL, can help you, please contact Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011. You can also drop us a line via this Online Form.

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