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Silva & Silva’s product liability attorneys in North Miami, Florida, have a proven track record in handling all types of complex cases. We have the expertise to handle legal matters related to negligence by manufacturing companies that have failed to provide detailed information to consumers related to their products.

Negligence in Product Design and Manufacture

Over the years, we have handled many faulty designs and manufacture related cases in areas such as:

• Flawed design and engineering in alternators and other avionics equipment
• Oversight in designing suitable railway warning indicators
• Poorly constructed safety features in pleasure watercrafts
• Design issues in tires, airbags, and various essential safety devices, including seatbelts in cars and other vehicles
• Small window blinds and other similar home improvement fixtures
• Negligence in configuring safety components for complex industrial equipment
• Poor checking processes in blood and similar transfusion supplies

Harmful Prescriptions

Sometimes, companies fail to keep patients informed about the possible negative impacts of certain prescription medications and OTC drugs, including Contact and Robitussin. These drugs included a chemical called PPA, which is no longer available commercially on the market. Certain drugs that physicians prescribe have the potential to cause severe permanent injury or death.

Additionally, many medications may be hazardous when used in combination with other medications. Both the physician and the pharmaceutical laboratory that manufactures and distributes the OTC or prescription drug are legally obligated to advise customers of these dangers in these cases.

Our legal expertise in this space has helped clients get favorable outcomes. However, this isn’t all. Our involvement in these matters has also changed how many daily used products are manufactured, prescribed, and sold. We have significant expertise in this space. Our legal team has brought about a noticeable change in methodologies and techniques used in manufacturing various products and consumer goods.

Clients that approach us with these issues find that our knowledge and expertise provide them with the support they need in these situations. Our team of seasoned product liability attorneys in North Miami , FL, work very closely with our clients to ensure the best results in every case. We work closely with you every step of the way and help you navigate through These Deep Waters. For More Information About How Our Products Liability Attorneys InNorth Miami, FL,can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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