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Property owners in the state of Florida have specific responsibilities to individuals entering their premises. However, there are different responsibilities towards tenants, patrons, guests, and trespassers.

We at Silva & Silva have skilled and experienced premises liability attorneys in Coral Gables, FL, on our team. They have the expertise to handle these cases skilfully, so our clients have the best outcome.

What Does Premises Liability Cover?

The steps taken by a property owner to protect someone on their property are based on the visitor’s status (the reason for their presence there.) If you have not been invited to the property or if you are a trespasser, the landowner can refrain from causing you any wanton/wilful injury. The exception is a child attracted to something like a heap of construction debris or a pool on that premises.

On the other hand, if you are a business visitor or a member of the public and someone has invited you to their property, the property owner has a greater responsibility towards you. They are not obligated to look for any situations or conditions that might harm you. However, they must determine whether any dangerous conditions exist on their property that could potentially cause harm. The landlord or owner needs to inspect and repair all common passageways, elevators, stairways, and other common areas.

Premises Liability Attorneys In Coral Gables, FL

If you have suffered an injury while on someone’s property, you might be eligible for compensation for damages caused by the management company or the landlord’s negligence. You and your family may be able to gain compensation for your medical bills, permanent injuries, pain, and suffering.

In these cases, you must consult with skilled and competent premises liability attorneys in Coral Gables, FL, like us. We have extensive experience in various types of premises liability cases such as:

  • Landlords of apartment buildings that have neglected some common areas due to which the tenants have suffered severe injuries
  • Negligent maintenance of a building’s elevator causing it to free fall, resulting in extensive injuries to the occupants
  • Negligence causing harm to children in swimming pools, resulting in drowning when their swimwear, limbs, or hair have gotten caught in the drain

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