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If a crime such as an attack, killing, sexual assault, or theft happens on private property, the owner could be held accountable for neglecting to provide the necessary protection. Mall and shopping center owners, landlords of apartment rental homes, bed and breakfast facilities, restaurants, pubs, and private clubs, should adopt suitable and standard security methods to protect consumers, renters, and staff against criminality. Silva & Silva’s negligent security attorneys in Surfside have successfully represented victims of crime in cases involving inept security at shopping malls, bars, athletic venues, commercial business properties, as well as hospitals.

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Property owners are responsible for keeping their facilities safe from risks that might threaten the public. If fixing the matter is not conceivable, notifying the people of the concern is critical. Moreover, they must keep their property safe to deter robbers from running freely and wreaking havoc. These are straightforward instructions, but they are still usually overlooked, resulting in damage. The victim may be entitled to medical expenses, lost earnings, and other losses if this occurs.

Our negligent security attorneys in Surfside have successfully handled hundreds of instances involving insufficient security. They are knowledgeable about the law – but perhaps more importantly, they are familiar with the complexities of these issues and the ploys often used by defense lawyers and insurance providers. This enables us to pursue restitution fast and effectively while offering favorable and accurate outcomes. Although negligence may have triggered your case, it may only be addressed through a fair and prompt resolution.

Types Of Damages That You Can Recover In Negligent Security Cases 

A plaintiff’s payout is determined by the specifics of their claim. Nevertheless, the preceding losses are often admissible:

  • Costs and medical expenses incurred as a result of the incident
  • Earnings that the claimant was unable to earn while undergoing rehabilitation
  • Compensation for emotional trauma caused by the event

The most accurate and concise way to determine if you have a legitimate negligent security claim is to visit with one of our negligent security attorneys in Surfside. They regularly deal with these types of cases and can ascertain whether you have a strong case and which strategies would be most beneficial. We work carefully to ensure that our customers receive prompt and impartial resolutions. We strongly encourage you to contact us for a no-cost consultation and case review. You can speak with us at 305-445-0011 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will call you back soon to discuss your case.

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