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When sex assault, murder, physical attack, or thievery occur on private property, the property owner may indeed be made responsible for inadequate security. When necessary, owners of shopping complexes, condominium and rental properties, hotels and resorts, cafés, nightclubs, and restaurants must implement industry-standard, reasonable security measures to protect their customers, tenants, and employees against crime.

Silva & Silva’s negligent security lawyers in Princeton have years of expertise defending crime victims in cases involving inept security at retail establishments, bars, athletic stadiums, office complexes, and healthcare facilities.

Negligent Security Attorneys In Princeton

The legislation requires property owners to effectively safeguard their premises from hazards that might threaten the public – and, if correcting the problem is not feasible, to alert them of the hazards. Additionally, they are accountable for maintaining security on their property in order to prevent uninvited intruders from causing harm.

These are basic principles – but they are far too often neglected, resulting in injury or damage. When this happens, the injured party may be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and other potential damages. Our Princeton negligent security attorneys have successfully handled dozens of similar cases.

They are knowledgeable about the law – and more importantly, they are acquainted with the peculiarities of these matters and the strategies that defense attorneys and health insurers use. This enables us to collect damages more quickly, ensuring that we not only offer legal services but also achieve favorable outcomes. While carelessness may have precipitated your claim, it should be resolved fairly and expeditiously.

Recoverable Amounts in Cases of Negligent Security

Compensation depends on the facts of the case. However, these losses are often recoverable:

  • Medical bills and related costs the person incurs because of the incident or attack
  • Earnings that a person loses when they are recuperating from physical injury
  • Compensation for the suffering and pain as a result of the incident

The best and most efficient approach to determine if you have a legitimate negligent security claim is to consult with one of our skilled Princeton negligent security attorneys. They frequently handle these types of cases and can swiftly establish whether you have a strong case and offer the most appropriate legal approaches. Our legal professionals work diligently to guarantee that our clients obtain fair and quick outcomes.

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