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Silva & Silva has the expertise and resources to handle various legal issues, especially medical malpractice. Two board-certified doctors work in-house, evaluating patient records and consulting with recognized medical specialists from some of the country’s most famous colleges and medical institutions, such as Yale, Duke, and Stanford.


One of our in-house doctors also works as a medical malpractice attorney. His medical records examination combines his medical expertise with legal causation considerations, and our clients benefit from this special and unique edge. We will carefully study and evaluate the client’s case to offer an impartial opinion on whether legal action is warranted when we accept any client’s case. It helps our clients save time by streamlining the procedure and ensuring that the legal case is handled professionally and efficiently.


The Firm’s medical malpractice lawyers have handled wrongful births and newborn neurological and physical harm claims. They’ve also fought cases related o fetal misdiagnosis in pregnancy and erroneous medicine prescriptions. Misdiagnosis of cancer and heart illness, misreading radiological images, poor surgical operations, and inability to detect infectious infections such as meningitis are all issues we deal with. Throughout the years, we have secured settlements and wins on behalf of our clients against doctors, ER, and medical institutions.


We also use our financial resources to help fund our efforts and processes that are crucial in investigations and case building. Maintaining comprehensive medical records, contacting defendants, deposing fact and special witnesses, and claims throughout the US, sometimes in Europe and Latin America, comes at a high expense. These expenses also include the lawyers’ and paralegals’ time and effort in presenting cases for trial and the cost of independent consultants generating visual and technological aids.

Because of this strategy, we make a significant investment on behalf of our clients. Our dedication to the clients’ need for justice and fair compensation is unwavering. We collaborate to guarantee that our consumers get the justice they are entitled to. Only a few other legal firms in the region work the same way as us and achieve positive results for their clients. For more information about how our skilled and expert medical malpractice attorneys in Palm Springs can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011 or email us through this Online Form.

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