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When it comes to litigating tricky medical malpractice lawsuits, Silva & Silva is unmatched. Two highly qualified, board-certified experts within the firm do in-depth medical evaluations. They also collaborate with medical specialists and famous academics from some of the most prestigious medical institutes and universities in the US, such as Stanford, Duke, and Yale. There is a greater degree of accuracy and quickness to the legal procedure when using this form of investigation.


One of our physicians doubles as an excellent medical malpractice litigator at our legal practice. To evaluate medical information, he uses a multidisciplinary approach that considers it from a medical and legal perspective. Customers of Silva & Silva have a good advantage in this respect. A thorough investigation of the facts and details is done before accepting cases on behalf of our clients. When extra-legal action is required, two of our in-house legal professionals and clinical academics will make the call.


Legal representation in these types of lawsuits is handled by a team of medical malpractice lawyers who have extensive expertise in these kinds of situations. Also investigated are prenatal misdiagnosis, heart and cancer illness distortion, and manipulation of radiographic film situations. We’ve helped people whose lives were put in danger because of poor medical treatment, botched surgery, and the inability to detect dangerous infections like meningitis.

Over the years, our legal team has helped clients win millions of dollars in settlements and judgments against hospitals, physicians, and ER departments. Our Key Largo law company has an excellent reputation in this field.


To accomplish our goal of providing the best legal help to our clients, we have access to substantial financial resources. To monitor cases and depositions throughout the United States is an expensive effort. These methods have made their way to Europe and Latin America occasionally. Preparation for trials also includes the time and money of attorneys and paralegals. In addition, there are fees of scientists who give visual and technical assistance in the courtroom.

Consequently, our firm must devote significant resources to meeting our clients’ expectations for justice and ensuring they get the compensation, they are entitled to. Regardless of the consequences, it is something that we do without any exceptions. As a result, we can achieve the best results for our customers. This method distinguishes us from the great majority of other legal companies. For more information about how our medical malpractice attorneys in Key Largo can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011 or email us through this Online Form.

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