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When you place your or a loved one’s health and well-being in the hands of healthcare providers, you expect them to operate responsibly, efficiently, and with dignity. Whether in health facilities or skilled nursing homes, we must receive the best treatment possible from those responsible for our care. However, you feel wronged when a physician or member of the medical staff fails to do their duties and you or someone you love suffers as a result of their carelessness. Oftentimes, only the court system can begin to correct medical negligence’s wrongdoing.

Silva & Silva has extensive experience litigating matters involving sophisticated medical misconduct. We have two board-certified physicians on staff, which gives us a unique perspective on the medical elements of these circumstances. Additionally, we collaborate with recognized academics and specialists from Ivy league medical institutions, which enables our Delray Beach medical malpractice attorneys to perform more thorough investigations into medical negligence cases.


If you have been harmed by medical negligence, our experienced attorney can assist you in determining your legal options. We represent individuals and families in a range of medical malpractice lawsuits, including those including the following:

• Emergency Room Error
• Failure to Provide The Right Treatment
• Anesthesia Accident
• Hospital Negligence
• Pediatric Malpractice
• Treatment Delays
• Prescription Errors
• Plastic Surgery Malpractice
• Radiation Malpractice
• Misread Diagnostic Study
• Brain Injury
• Cancer Malpractice
• Other Medical Negligence


You place a high value on your medical specialists’, nurses’, and hospital staff’s capacity to deliver necessary care. Everybody makes mistakes, but when medical personnel violate your confidence and leave you in a far worse state than you were before to treatments, you begin to lose confidence. You may find yourself with rising medical expenses that you are unable to repay, as well as serious health consequences.

We have a strong financial foundation that enables us to successfully address these difficult and costly challenges. We are here to assist you through this trying period so that you can concentrate on good recovery. We will take care of every facet of your medical malpractice lawsuit. You’ve suffered enough; now allow our team to conduct an investigation and get you the justice you deserve.

For more information and details about how our skilled medical malpractice attorneys in Delray Beach can assist you, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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