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When you hire medical experts to look after your general health, you want the best treatment available. Additionally, you want competent, trustworthy, and professional health personnel. We must get the best care possible from people in charge of our treatment, regardless of the care setting we are in.

However, you will be upset if a physician or therapeutic professional violates their commitment and you/ a close family member suffers as a result. Frequently, medical malpractice transgressions are resolved only via court procedure. Silva & Silva has considerable knowledge and expertise prosecuting medical malpractice lawsuits.


Due to the fact that our team consists of two board-certified doctors, we are able to take a completely different approach to certain scenarios. Additionally, we maintain relationships with important scholars and medical specialists at prestigious medical institutions, enabling our Aventura medical malpractice attorneys to perform more thorough investigations into instances of medical negligence. In this sector, we handle a variety of challenges, including the following cases of medical negligence:

• Emergency Room Error
• Anesthesia Accident
• Failure to Provide The Right Treatment
• Cancer Malpractice
• Plastic Surgery Malpractice
• Pediatric Malpractice
• Treatment Delays
• Hospital Negligence
• Prescription Errors
• Misread Diagnostic Study
• Brain Injury
• Other Medical Negligence


You entrust critical care to doctors and medical professionals, nurses, and the other hospital staff. Everyone makes errors sometime, but when health professionals betray your trust and leave you in a far worse state than you were before your treatment, you lose faith in them. You may find that you seem unable to manage escalating hospital bills and any associated health implications.

We have a good economic foundation, which permits us to successfully address these costly and complex issues. Our professionals are here to help you through this challenging period and allow you to concentrate on your rehabilitation. We will give your healthcare malpractice complaint our undivided attention. You’ve already overcome significant obstacles; now, let our professionals conduct an investigation and assist you in obtaining the outcome you deserve. We are committed to our customers’ best interests and work carefully to ease any tension or concern that could accompany these types of circumstances.

For more information and details about how our skilled medical malpractice attorneys in Aventura, FL can assist you, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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