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Our maritime negligence attorneys in Pompano Beach, FL, have considerable expertise litigating cases involving shipping companies, boats, recreational watercraft like jet skis, as well as wave craft, yachts, and boats. A number of news outlets pay extensive attention to big maritime disasters and catastrophes, such as the Stockholm and Andrea Doria tragedies and the Titanic cruise and Ecstacy disasters.

While marine tragedies are not rare, their frequency has considerably grown in recent years. Due to its central position for many cruise line operators, Miami is known as the central cruise liner hub. Silva & Silva’s Miami location enables our attorneys and detectives to get information and settle disputes more rapidly for our clients.

Extensive Legal Expertise In Cases Of Maritime Negligence

We have a thorough understanding of essential admiralty/maritime regulations and a wealth of experience resolving maritime-related cases. Maritime travel needs the use of several contracts, the most significant of which are the Contracts of Carriage and Timetables for Travel, both of which are prepared by cruise line solicitors. These documents often contain wording addressed towards passengers or plaintiffs during the court selection process.

Generally, the companies gain from this strategy because they provided venues and processes for addressing these difficulties, complicating matters for the claimants. Our company defends clients in a broad range of maritime malpractice lawsuits. We can assist you in a range of marine disaster scenarios by performing an in-depth investigation and supporting you in verifying your claims.

Proven Maritime Negligence Attorneys In Pompano Beach, FL

Attorneys with experience handling maritime catastrophes and a working knowledge of these constraints can assist individuals who have been hurt or lost family members in the disaster. A cruise ship accident can occur when the ship is at sea, on land, or while it approaches or leaves from a port. Whatever the circumstances, these catastrophes pose dozens of new legal questions. These questions range from contract law to product liability to legal systems in general, maritime law in particular.

We are committed to obtaining just compensation on behalf of our clients. Our expertise in this field is unique, and we have an in-depth understanding of how judicial systems operate in specific scenarios. Consultation with one of our knowledgeable marine negligence attorneys can be advantageous in your particular circumstance. To offer efficient legal assistance, we take the time to know our client’s cases and the unique circumstances surrounding their lawsuit.

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