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Accidents at construction sites are much more prevalent than many people realize. Workers on the job site and anybody else visiting, working, or playing in the area may suffer injury or perish in these mishaps. Our Hialeah construction litigation lawyers have successfully fought a number of these cases.

Provisions for the Safety of Construction Sites

All construction companies must conduct thorough and expert site inspections. It is essential to have safety plans, hire safety engineers, and educate all of their employees. The company in charge of the construction work may cause accidents on construction sites. Other parties that can be held liable include engineers who worked on it, site developers, subcontractors, manufacturers, workers, insurers, and even the people who leased out the tools and equipment.

How Construction Site Mishaps Occur

Construction site accidents are often caused by defective or harmful equipment, such as:

• Trucks
• Hoses
• Scaffolds
• Ladders
• Cranes
• Power tools
• Other

The dangers of inadequate safety conditions, for example, include falling items that may be deadly. Careless crane operators may knock down powerlines, resulting in the electrocution of passers-by who are not at fault.

Well-established Construction Accident Attorneys in Hialeah, FL

Accident victims and their families need the help of a skilled construction accident lawyer since workers’ compensation regulations only apply to injured employees. After an accident, we must photograph and record it to preserve evidence as soon as possible. Victims of construction accidents benefit from this quick and efficient method since it helps them create a stronger case.

Our investigators and lawyers rely on a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, general contractors, safety experts to thoroughly examine the accident site and build a compelling case for trial. Our legal specialists are experienced litigators, but they are also compassionate and proactive. You can be sure that we will resolve your matter to your satisfaction if you choose to work with us.

Construction litigation in Hialeah can be complicated, and you need an experienced construction litigation lawyer like ours to help you through it. Because of our extensive experience with similar claims, we are confident that we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Our team is with you every step of the way.

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