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Our construction accident lawyers represent several of the victims of the collapse of Champlain Towers South. 


Our firm represented a severely brain-injured father of four and a deceased husband and father of three in the 2018 Florida International University (FIU) pedestrian bridge collapse.

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Construction  Accident Lawyers

Accidents on construction sites are more frequent than most people believe. These accidents have the potential to kill or cause injury to workers on-site, as well as persons visiting, playing, or working in the area. Our construction accident attorneys in Miami Beach, FL, at Silva & Silva, have successfully handled a substantial number of cases in this area.

Construction Site Safety Provisions 

All construction companies are needed to undertake professional and diligent site inspections. They need to have safety programs in place, employ safety engineers, and ensure that employees receive appropriate training. When a construction site accident occurs, the owners, engineering technicians, developers, subcontractors, architects, manufacturers, insurers, and/or tool and equipment lessors could be held liable for failing to ensure adequate safeguards on-site or the presence of necessary safety tools and equipment. 

How Construction Site Accidents Occur 

The following are examples of defective or dangerous products that frequently result in construction site accidents: 

  • Unsafe working conditions can result in falling objects, which can be fatal in some cases.
  • Crane operators could be careless and strike power lines, electrocuting innocent bystanders. 

Skilled Construction accident Attorneys in Miami Beach, FL 

While injured workers are entitled to compensation under worker’s compensation statutes, innocent bystanders and their surviving family members must retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. We photograph and document the scene of the accident promptly in these instances to protect the evidence. 

We collaborate with a group of safety experts, engineers, architects, and general contractors to assist our investigators and attorneys in analyzing the scene of the accident and preparing a strong case for trial. These are fairly demanding cases, and you will need professional and knowledgeable construction accident attorneys in Miami Beach, FL like us to help you get justice. 

We have handled numerous similar cases over the years and have assisted clients in obtaining the financial compensation they deserve. For any additional information about how our construction accident attorneys in Miami Beach, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form

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