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A class action, also known as a class case, is a legal process in which one person organizes a group of people to file a class action lawsuit or a law suit in which several persons pursue the offenders. The advantage of launching a class action lawsuit is that it allows a large number of individuals to join together and pursue justice for an offender’s violation, while also sending a stern warning that such misconduct will not be tolerated.

Experienced Class Action Litigation Attorneys In Delray Beach, FL

To triumph in mass tort/class action litigation, you will need the skills of Delray Beach, FL class action lawyers such as us at Silva & Silva. As previously stated, a class-action lawsuit is a judicial proceeding in which a bigger group of people who have suffered identical loss sue an organization, most often a company or corporation. Consumer exploitation, a faulty product, or manipulation may all be grounds for class action lawsuits.

Individuals prefer to seek class-action lawsuits despite their difficulty, labor-intensive nature, and length. You can rest assured that if you engage our firm, our skilled and experienced legal professionals will fight relentlessly on your behalf, regardless of the complexity and extent of your claims or the magnitude of your losses.


Notable Cases Handled by Our Delray Beach, FL Class Action Attorneys

Several class action cases have been handled by our company, including the following:

  • Ponzi scams
  • The Fen-Phen case, involving hazardous medication use
  • Dangerous medical tools
  • Mold and asbestos contamination in older residences
  • Criminal deceit


The Benefits Of A Class Action Lawsuit

Class-action litigation is a sort of court process in which the concerns and claims of a larger group of people are handled collectively. Select members are chosen as representatives in the action, and others who have suffered similar losses and are seeking compensation do not have to pursue their claims individually. The majority of the time, plaintiffs face incredibly large organizations or powerful individuals with massive financial resources. This factor significantly complicates the task of people confronting companies and succeeding in their efforts.

Additionally, these actions allow people who have sustained significant losses to consolidate their resources into a single lawsuit. This is sometimes the sole viable method of putting an end to criminal behavior or reclaiming unlawfully obtained property. These issues may be complex and difficult to settle, but we use our skills and knowledge in this field to help impacted persons get justice.

Silva & Silva can help you in a wide range of legal matters, including these class action litigations. For more details about our class action litigation attorneys in Delray Beach, FL call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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