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Silva & Silva’s product liability lawyers in Pompano Beach, FL,have handled multiple product liability cases. This category encompasses careless product design and/or production, as well as a failure to notify consumers about the hazards connected with its use.

Negligent Product Design or Manufacture

Numerous examples involving negligent manufacture or design of equipment, structures, and consumables in these segments:

• Pleasure Boats- Several safety elements were designed in a careless manner
• Airplanes- Inadequate altimeter as well as other component construction
• Automobiles- Failures in tire design, seatbelt design, and airbag design
• Household Products- In general, household products such as blinds seem to be innocuous.
• Transfusion-Inadequate blood testing during transfusions
• Railroads – Inadequately built warning signs
• Industrial Products- Negligence in the design of safety measures in industrial equipment
• Prescription Drugs- Failure to educate patients about the probable harmful effects of certain prescription medicines. It refers to the negligent inclusion of chemical components in drugs such as Robitussin. Among these medications was PPA (phenylpropanolamine) – this compound is no longer available in the market

Due to Silva & Silva’s participation in various cases, manufacturers improved their manufacturing processes, resulting in the generation and production of a range of items that customers depend on and use regularly. Our legal expertise is unrivaled in this field, and we have made a significant change in many aspects of this sector. Our staff is very informed and talented, and they work diligently to ensure that clients get the help and counsel they deserve.

Harmful Prescriptions

Certain drugs prescribed by doctors may result in irreversible severe injury or death. Additionally, many medications may be dangerous when people use them with other medicines. In these instances, both the physician and the pharmaceutical laboratory that develops and markets the OTC or prescription medication are legally required to inform consumers of these risks.

These are very complicated situations, and proving adequate negligence evidence may be difficult at times. If you want to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer, your physician, or other concerned parties, you should see an experienced attorney. Our Pompano Beach, FL, products liability lawyers are well-equipped and experienced in handling these sorts of situations, ensuring our clients obtain the best possible conclusion.For more information about how our products liability attorneys in Pompano Beach, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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