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Our Tragedy, Our Calling

Since its inception, Silva & Silva, P.A. has advocated the causes of victims of wrongful and tortious conduct, concentrating exclusively in complex litigation.


The Firm was founded by Carlos E. Silva and Jorge E. Silva, whose inspiration to challenge the establishment came through a personal tragedy.


On Mother’s Day 1979, Carlos and Jorge tragically lost their mother at the hands of an anesthesiologist with a dark and horrible history of medical negligence. Their lives were forever altered. The Silva brothers were then determined to advocate claims on behalf of victims.


Accordingly, they attended law school, during which they learned how to use the law as a means to right the wrongs of those injured, disabled or killed at the hands of negligent professionals, organizations, and individuals.


They devoted themselves to creating a successful national and international law practice with the intellectual and financial resources necessary to provide their clients with the most effective and competent representation.


Perhaps no one in the legal or medical community is better qualified to judge the pain and suffering of others than a family that has experienced the tragic consequences of negligence.



A Worldwide Reputation

Headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida the trial attorneys of Silva & Silva P.A. offer clients outstanding service with proven results and a well earned worldwide reputation for excellence in Catastrophic Personal Injury, Wrongful Death litigation and other complex cases.


Featured in The Florida Legal Guide's Top Lawyers, the firm is dedicated to offering the highest caliber legal representation in Federal and both the State Trial and Appellate courts. Since the founding of the Firm, Silva & Silva has made its mark throughout the globe.


Our Attorneys have litigated cases around the world as well as throughout the U.S. We have expanded our services to other regions that include; Europe, the Middle East, Central & South America including Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.


Silva & Silva’s legal resources are truly global and include alliances throughout the world. We now welcome you to review the information about our firm.